Jeff Mattson receives Scarlet Fire Guitars “Woolly Mammoth” guitar

The Grateful Guitars Foundation is thrilled to present Jeff Mattson with this custom Scarlet Fire Guitars “Woolly Mammoth” guitar lovingly built by luthier Leo Elliott in the Doug Irwin style akin to Garcia’s famous Rosebud Guitar. World-famous inlay artist Larry Robinson also worked on the guitar and provided the stunning Pleistocene image on the back of the body of two Woolly Mammoths locking tusks.

Jeff Mattson has been sharing his exceptional Garcia-style playing for decades with fans all over the world with the Zen Tricksters and Dark Star Orchestra, so he is an ideal partner for our foundation’s mission, to keep jam music thriving in perpetuity. Having this launch at the Cap is the cherry on top.

Photographs by Geoff Tischman