Jay Lane Music Rooms at Blue Bear Music

Grateful Guitars Foundation exists to serve the music, both with beautiful instruments for advanced players and to support great music programs that spread the gospel of music to younger folks. Our latest effort has been to work with a long-time fixture of the San Francisco Bay Area scene, Blue Bear Music.  

Aside from the fact that Blue Bear is a genuine gift to the community, our particular connection to it is that Jay Lane, one of our favorite drummers, is a proud graduate of Blue Bear. He started at 13, and director Steve Savage, who taught him, tells us he was already very good – but we all know he got even better.

The Jay Lane Music Rooms will be at Blue Bear’s brand-new Mission Bay campus at 660 Mission Bay Blvd. North, opposite the Spark Food installation, very near Oracle Park. It will house music lessons in keyboards, guitars, dj-ing, and voice for all ages, including the super-popular Little Bears programs for toddlers.  

The rooms were celebrated on October 8th, 2023, with Jay performing ribbon-cutting duties, as you’ll see from these pictures.

You can learn more about Blue Bear at www.bluebearmusic.org  

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