New ‘Grateful Guitars Foundation’ Gifts High-Quality Instruments to the Jam Scene’s Hard-Working Musicians

The Grateful Guitars foundation is a new nonprofit which connects hard-working musicians with world-class guitar-makers to manifest their dream instruments, carrying the tradition of the Grateful Dead and more.

“We identify musicians who thrive in live settings and we secure the gear they need to reach their fullest musical potential,” reads the Grateful Guitars mission statement. “Through the powerful connection between the skilled player and the highest quality instrument, our aim is to ensure that jam band music thrives for generations of live music fans.”

Adds Rob Eaton of Dark Star Orchestra, “[Grateful Guitars] helps struggling musicians have the tools to be their best. I have no words that can fully express my gratitude for what the foundation has done for me personally, but also for the people building these fine instruments… Having a quality instrument in the hands of musicians like myself helps make the world a better place and creates better musical experiences for us all.”

Luthiers collaborating with Grateful Guitars include Rich Hoeg (Bob Weir guitar builder, formerly of Modulus), Leo Elliott (Scarlet Fire Guitars) and Kevin Burkett (Travis Bean Design).

It was founded by Deadhead Andy Logan, who many know as the collector of some of the jam scene’s most prized instruments, including Jerry Garcia’s Alligator.

“There’s just no doubt in my mind that the more really good instruments are out there, the more the jam band scene thrives, the more that Grateful Dead music continues to grow and touches more people, even if the band is no longer playing,” Logan explains. “And it’s fun to help feed that growth by gifting guitars to musicians, kind of helping them and helping the scene that I love.”